Building on the basics from Part 1 of our training program, giving you an intermediate level of skills. We will teach you to focus on the following skills:



This portion of our training programs is focused on mastering and taking your grooming skills to the next level. We focus on refining, perfecting, and testing your grooming skills to the max. We will dive deep into the following areas to ensure you are set up to be one of the top groomers in our area:

  • Scissor Cutting Foundation
  • Introduction to Head Styling
  • Easy Maintenance Cuts with Clippers
  • Pet Emergency Care- first aid and CPR
  • Expert Pet Handling Skills
  • Pet Health, nutrition, parasites, vaccines, illnesses, and diseases
  • Hands-on Grooming Techniques based on the 3 levels of the 3 basic haircuts trademarked

Aspiring professional groomers enrolled in this course will still have access to the same resources as at any level. This includes HANDS-ON training with real clients, as well as access to open communication with instructors. Also included is the textbook, yours to keep and use throughout your entire career!

Prerequisite: Successfully Completed “Stage 1” and “Stage 2” at Golden State Pet Grooming Academy


  • Tuition – $1,500.00
  • 20hs program

One on One Training
Benefit from real life, in the moment training. Ask questions and get hands-on experience in the presence of our amazing educators.

Hands-on Experience
Hands-on experience is the most crucial part of becoming a groomer. We give you supervised and well-demonstrated hands-on training from day one with real clients.

Certified Achievement!
You did it! Once Part one of your training towards a satisfying career, we will applaud you and congratulate you with a Part 1 Certificate of Achievement.

Job Placement
We provide many options for employment opportunities to our graduates!

Additional questions or assistance with the application process? Feel free to contact us at any time. We are so thrilled you are interested in beginning a whole new world of opportunities for yourself in the wonderful industry of professional pet grooming!